XLPLAT   is a fully-integrated ERP system for small, mid-market enterprises, institutes and other organizations. Designed to facilitate industry’s finest practices, it includes complete software functionality which provides enterprises with complete business solutions. It automates and integrates core business processes such as Finance, Employee Management, HR management, Payroll system, Resource Allocation, Client Tracking and many more.

XLPLAT-Complete is comprised of the following modules:

XLPLAT provides the following facilities:

  • The software helps in generating the payrolls of the employees without any lengthy procedure. It is is designed to undertake PF,ESI ,IT Compensations. Dynamic deductions or allowance can be added in the structure itself for advance payments, deductions or allowance. User can also change and create new salary structure.

  • The software helps in maintaining the attendance of the employees and can generate the time logs which are fully customizable according to the need of the user.It also supports multiple time attendance and access control devices.

  • Integration with RFID / Biometric Machines, no need to buy any new hardware, our team will connect your current devices only.

  • Excel export of monthly salary sheet.

  • Annual Budgeting of payroll past, present and future

  • Resource Management

  • Notification on each step of workflow as the project advances

  • Project Report delivery and sharing with individual people or the whole company, with annotations and annotation sharing.

  • Searchable project data which helps in finding a similar project done before for reference

  • Customizable email notifications as per your needs, with logo, signature etc.

  • Keep records of the all the documentation done for a particular project facilitating the user to track the project at any point of time

  • Auto-generation of Unique Docket Number which helps in tracking of record.

  • The facility of Deadline Tracking   enabling the user to keep track of all the deadlines related to the project. The user can create these deadlines time to time and can also edit the same as per their own convenience.

  • The module deeply helps in reducing the document redundancy, unlike spreadsheets which therefore helps in keeping the data unique

  • It helps in easy generation of invoices for the accounts department

  • XML export for   Tally importing

  • Automatic Tax Calculations

  • Customizable templates for invoicesaccording to different locations and companies

  • Generation of automatic emails reminding of due payments

  • Provision of a single click to send a customized email invoice to the clients

  • Multiple expenses can be uploaded at once and sent to the Accounts/ HR Department as bundle for approval

User Interface:

Project Database

Project Workflow

Representation of Filed Project

Demo Invoice

Attendance Log

Attrition Graph

Caller View