XLPLAT-The Docketing Module

The XLPLAT-Docketing Module  provides with the facility to neatly store and manage all the files necessary to the organisation.The software overcomes the drawbacks of old file-storage system wherein manual entries and keeping of the files was a necessity.A lot of manual work can be skipped with this software wherein all the files can be stored in the server and be viewed by people of interest.The module even enables one to view records no matter how old they are which otherwise would be a tedious task if files were stored manually.

The XLPLAT-Docketing Module assists the user with the following features:

  • The module helps one to keep records of the all the documentation done for a particular project facilitating the user to track the project at any point of time

  • The module provides us with the facility of Deadline Tracking   enabling the user to keep track of all the deadlines related to the project. User can create these deadlines time to time and can also edit the same as per their own convenience.

  • The user can retrieve all the old records for the reference purpose.

  • This software is equipped with the auto-generation of Unique Docket Number which helps in tracking of record.

  • The module deeply helps in reducing the document redundancy, unlike spreadsheets which therefore helps in keeping the data unique

  • The platform provides the facility of User Segragation where the user can segregate the Client Name from the client data as per their need

User Interface:

a. Representation of Filed Project

b. Representation of Filed Project


  • XLPLAT-Docketing is an easy and efficient platform to store and keep intact all your legal doucments

  • The module overcomes the drawbacks of old file-storage systems where everything had to be managed manually

  • Retrieval of data becomes easy using the software

  • Storing the data on the server makes it more secure from various natural disasters like fire,floods,earthquakes etc

  • Docketing helps to make data more secure as it can be accessed only by the individuals granted permissions to

  • Docketing is an efficient way to set reminders and get email notifications even if one has not logged into the system since days